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Cutlery replacing silver or stainless steel cutlery

Whether you use your stainless steel or silver cutlery just on special occasions, or you have them for everyday use, there will come a time when you decide to replace your cutlery, or you want to add extra place settings. When the time comes, you need to make sure that you’re getting the best value for money whilst also choosing great quality cutlery.

Replacing your silver or stainless steel cutlery

Why do you need to replace your cutlery? If it’s properly looked-after, your cutlery, whether it is silver or stainless steel, should last for years. Perhaps you’ve grown tired of the pattern and want something more contemporary, or your current cutlery is too heavy and you’re looking for something more manageable. Whatever your reasons for replacing, it’s worth taking your time to choose a replacement. Good quality cutlery isn’t cheap, and you don’t want to make a mistake and choose a pattern or weight that you’re going to be unhappy with a couple of years down the line. If possible, try out the cutlery you’re interested in so that you can be sure that it’s right for you. Think about whether you’re going to be using it on a daily basis or just once in a while, as this will make a difference to how comfortable it needs to be, and what quantity you need.

Adding to your cutlery service

Most cutlery services come with six or eight place settings, but many of us entertain in larger numbers than that, and we want to be able to set the table with matching cutlery. This means buying extra place settings that complement our current cutlery. If your service of stainless steel or silver cutlery is of a traditional pattern, this shouldn’t be too difficult. Our Rattail pattern, for example, should fit in with your Rattail pattern, and you should ask us for a sample so that you can see how well the two match together before you commit yourself. If you’re not sure what pattern of cutlery you have, we’re happy to identify it for you and suggest a pattern that will either match or complement your own so that you can increase the number of place settings you have without any hassle or difficulty.

Glazebrook & Co specialises in offering quintessentially British silver and stainless steel cutlery of the very highest quality. For the ultimate wedding gift, Glazebrook has a range of cutlery, silver cutlery and stainless steel cutlery. Glazebrook takes pride in not only supplying the finest products, but in serving the needs of a broad client base; from the individual private buyer to the most prestigious of corporate and trade customers worldwide. The comprehensive range caters to a variety of tastes: from time-honoured, traditional English styles in solid sterling silver and silver plate, to more contemporary matt and mirror finish designs in ever practical stainless steel.
Whatever your choice, our focus is always on quality and style, and our commitment remains to offer superlative craftsmanship at exceptional value. To find out more, telephone: +44 (0) 20 7731 7135 or E-mail: sales@glazebrook.com.