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Cutlery – School Dinners

According to a report on the BBC, an independent school in Brighton is giving their pupils a lesson in cutlery which will provide them with an insight into the etiquette of when to remove their jackets at dinner and which silver cutlery to use in which circumstance. Getting children to use the applicable cutlery may seem like mission impossible but those at Brighton College believe that their cutlery etiquette will soon have their pupils knowing their soup spoons from their dessert spoons.

Cutlery – Graceless Graduates

According to the report on the BBC, the cutlery course was introduced at Brighton College after local employers complained that the graduates they employed showed a lack of table manners and were generally impolite. Showing them how to correctly use their stainless steel cutlery was the primary suggestion put forward in a survey of employers and the cutlery etiquette course was born as a consequence. The cutlery course will be offered to pupils at the independent school as the headmaster believes in the importance of preparing children for all aspects of life and not just exams in core subjects. Speaking to the BBC, the school’s headmaster, Richard Cairns, states, “Our role is to equip our pupils for all aspects of adult life. Exams are only a part of that preparation. Just as important, in my view, is whether a young person has a grasp of basic etiquette.

Stainless Steel Cutlery – A Shining Example

In an era that is typified by ‘hoodies’ and tear-away children, many deem it an important lesson to teach children manners and etiquette as opposed to just the cores of education. The cutlery course offered by Brighton College hopes to create future generations of children who can act in a civilised manner and show respect to their elders. How to correctly use cutlery seems to be somewhat of a lost art form but if more schools follow the example of Brighton College then the nation’s children may soon be a beacon of stainless steel cutlery etiquette.

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