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Silver collection

+ Silver collection product list

+ Plain Pistol Knives

+ Rattail for Prong Forks

+ Old English Collection

+ Early Englsih and Cannon Knives Parrallel Blade

+ Plain Fiddle and Cannon Knives Modern Blade

+ La Regence & Ornate Pistol Knives

+ Scroll and Scroll Pistol Knives

+ Old English Fiddle and Bone Knives

+ Fiddle Thread

+ Old English Thread, Bead & Victorian Blade

+ Fiddle Thread and Shell, Kings, Grecian, Harley, Lily and Albian

+ Additional Plain Pistol Knives

+ Cutlery Canteens & Storage Cloths


Stainless Steel Collection

+ Rattail Matt finish and pistol knives

+ Rattail and Pistol Matt

+ Rattail Mirror

+ Rattail and Pistol Mirror

+ Old English Mirror

+ Fiddle Mirror

+ Modern English Matt

+ Alternative Knives

+ Additional Pieces

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Cutlery – Silver cutlery, stainless steel cutlery – Any cutlery
When it comes to cutlery, whether its silver cutlery or stainless steel cutlery, it has a tendency to go missing…

Cutlery – Silver Cutlery, Stainless Steel Cutlery – The Perfect Wedding Gift
It can be hard choosing the right wedding gift, but cutlery – silver cutlery and stainless steel cutlery is a time-honoured gift.

Cutlery – Silver Cutlery, A Tradition
Cutlery has long been used around the world in various shapes and sizes. From chop sticks to silver cutlery, stainless steel cutlery and other eating implements, cutlery is more then just a utensil, it indicates culture. And in England, silver cutlery has a particular resonance.

Cutlery – Silver Cutlery – Time Honoured Traditions
Silver Cutlery is exquisite and traditional, if you are investing in a set of silver cutlery, make sure you give it the care silverware requires.

Choosing silver cutlery and stainless steel cutlery
Good cutlery should last you a lifetime, so make sure you choose the best silver or stainless steel cutlery you can.

Silver cutlery: a great christening gift through the ages
Like silver spoons or sixpences, to give silver cutlery as a christening gift is to continue an ancient British tradition.

Cutlery – replacing silver or stainless steel cutlery
Need to replace your cutlery or find new pieces for your current set?

Cutlery: How to use silver or stainless steel cutlery
It doesn’t matter if the cutlery you use is silver cutlery or stainless steel cutlery, as long as your etiquette is correct.

Cutlery: Silver cutlery or stainless steel cutlery – Are you a pea chaser?
Cutlery, whether its silver cutlery or day-to-day stainless steel, cutlery can offer clues to your personality.

Cutlery – School Dinners
How to use cutlery in the correct manner has served to baffle many a generation of school children but a school in Brighton hopes to change all that by introducing a cutlery etiquette course to its pupils.

Silver Cutlery Set Becomes Record Breaker
Back in 2005 a set of extremely rare silver cutlery went into an auction at Christies and was expected to fetch £500,000. It became a record breaker when it went for £1.24 million to become the most costly silver cutlery set.

Silver Cutlery – A Fascinating History
Silver cutlery has a fascinating history of development, from flint blades to the fine cutlery sets of today’s dinner tables.

Cutlery pieces to add to your set
Do you need to augment your cutlery canteen? Silver and stainless steel cutlery gives a finishing touch to your table.